"The Miracle of Motivation" Review

In her second book, Sharmi Bhalla finds 29 ways to motivate her readers to successful living. Her content is well thought out, honest and personable. It clearly reveals the heart of the author as one of integrity, given that the basis of her thoughts is on individual authenticity. She argues basically that total emulation of one’s hero is unnatural, as God creates each of us to be authentically unique. Giving examples of great ones like Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela, she says greatness comes from an individual’s commitment to be true to themselves in order to be true to the world. She talks about virtues like hope, forgiveness, love as some of the catalysts to successful living. The author of ‘Soul on Fire’ goes a notch higher in publishing excellence, in the production of this book which is an epitome of editorial and design excellence. Each chapter is short, concise and easy to read and comprehend. The font and text design works to enhance the readability of the book. An excellent effort

Vip Ogola - Drum Magazine

"The Miracle of Motivation" Foreword

Who has never woken up to a day of gloom where you did not want to see anyone or do anything? Your brain felt clogged up by many hours of ‘trying so hard’ but making no headway. You were sagging under so much pressure that you could not take any more? Have you never reeled with the confusion of so many demands and the fast pace of the world around you that you felt like screaming, “Someone please stop the world. I want to alight!” But your pleas went unheeded and the gnawing fangs of stress seemed to be biting even deeper? How harsh life can be! This is the lot of the world: mounting weight and high expectations that seem to squeeze life out of us. Unfortunately, we get little sympathy from those we work with. Competition is high and so is the anxiety to perform. Yet there are those moments that one has crucial tasks needing to be accomplished but there is no drive at all! We keep procrastinating like the sluggard of Proverbs 6:10, who said, “a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest.” But Solomon, one of the wisest sages warns that “poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man.” Further, Solomon challenges us to learn from the ant which “has no commander, no overseer or ruler yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.” Our frustrations are not helped by the myriad people around us who do not believe in us. Whether it is because of jealousy, our indolent past or any other reason, they just do not believe we have what it takes to accomplish what we claim that we can. Rather than encourage us, they perpetually pour cold water on our efforts. “You can’t,” they say. “You are good for nothing,” others claim. And somehow, we seem to believe it. What that does is trigger childhood memories of a parent or a teacher pointing a finger at us with and saying, “You will never amount to anything, you fool!” This wrong seed that may have been planted in our hearts many years ago and perhaps watered by a few experiences of failure may have been growing in your life. It may have incapacitated you so much that you never again want to try anything new because you fear to fail. “The Miracle of Motivation” is the book for you. As you read this volume, your spirit will be lifted. You will be encouraged on your way forward. You will be challenged to rise from the dust and apathy of past failures to try again. Examples of others who failed but never quit trying will inspire you to self confidence. You will read quotations that will rejuvenate you so much that you will rise up and cry like Alexander the Great who, after defeating all his enemies, wept because he had no more land to conquer! I wish you a happy reading.

Rev Dr Peterson Wang’ombe