Soul on Fire

In this riveting true-life story Sharmi Bhalla shares the experience of emptiness in life, and a tenacious, relentless search for ultimate peace. This search for true fulfillment led her to an encounter with the one true God who drastically changed her life, setting her soul on fire. In finding God, she realized the He had long before set eternity in her heart and desired to give her a new life, passion and vision – and no discouragement, even from the closest quarters, would deter her from her new adventures in faith.

In this book, she shares her personal life and the challenges she has encountered after receiving Christ .This is an encouragement to a lot of people who have to abandon their religions they have grown under to embrace Christ. It is also an evangelistic tool a proof that there is a place in Christianity for Hindus too

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The Miracle of motivation

We all lead different lives and do various things throughout our lives but there is one thing that is common to us all. This is the desire is in us humans to be successful in whatever we strive to do. However, my observation is that many people endeavour and push themselves into meaningless success that ends up crowning their lives with emptiness rather than the great feeling of accomplishment. This is what happens when you drive your body and mind without a firm foundation of spirituality

Granted that you may succeed in your business, gain power and acquire great wealth. But what is the value of all that if all they bring to your life is pain, suffering and emptiness? What use is all the money in your bank accounts if you do not have peace in your family? What value is all the property acquired if you have to live your life like a prisoner full of fear? You may read all the motivational books in the world and attain the success you wish for but real happiness will always be elusive if you do not build these acquisitions upon a proper base.

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Unravelling the Truth Behind Harambee

February 2016

With its origin in the Hindu religion, the author reveals the deeper truth to the word Harambee than what most of the Kenyans have been made to believe. In Kenya once you say the word “Harambee” it is taken to mean togetherness and unity. This is why the word is found in our national pledge, our Coat of Arms, our currency and marks important buildings and roads such as Harambee House and Harambee Avenue.

There have been attempts in the past to push for the removal of its use in national symbols such as the Coat of Arms, important buildings and offices, our currency and the national pledge but none has borne any fruit. In writing this booklet my aim is to push for Christians to stand actively behind this cause because we know that in allowing its continued use we are in essence engaging in idol worship, which we believe is a grave sin before God. The question I ask here is: Does the origin of a word have a direct influence on its subsequent use even though the meaning of that word is redefined? As a Christian I believe it does because ignorance does not mean innocence. God in His Word in Hosea 4:6 says: “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” .

Tithing vs Grace

Tithing is an interesting subject, and often one of controversy. While tithing is certainly a biblical concept, some churches teach that it is commanded of Christians, and some teach that it isn't.

What does the Bible teach regarding tithing under the New Covenant? In this new book, Author Sharmi Bhalla examines this topic under the microscope of God’s word and tries to find the connection between tithing and the grace of God. She discusses this topic in a riveting and particulate manner drawing from both the old and New Testament.

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I will not be afraid

Tithing is an interesting subject, and often one of controversy. While tithing is certainly a biblical concept, some churches teach that it is commanded of Christians, and some teach that it isn't.

Fear is linked with a lack of both faith and the fear of the Lord. When we are afraid,we are not trusting God and often, fearing something or someone other than God! Fear is one of the main weapons that the enemy uses to torment us and to dictate feelings and behavior to us. In her new book “I Will Not Be Afraid” author Sharmi Bhalla combats this spirit of fear. God wants to deliver everyone who struggles with fear. When God’s people are free from fear, they can walk in power, authority, and victory!

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