Who we are

Jeevan Jyoti (Life Light) Ministries began in 2001. It started humbly as a small women’s fellowship at Sharmi’s house. About 15 women would gather once a week and they would worship, pray, share the word and testimonies of God’s goodness. God began showering this small fellowship with blessings. In 2002, this fellowship moved to a rental premises in a busy suburban upmarket where it began to minister to hurting Indians, Muslims and Africans.

In this new premises, deliverance classes, counseling classes, bible study groups were introduced. This centre ran for one and half years. This was a training ground for where God would move us. Later on we launched a TV Ministry and began broadcasting for some time on Kenya Broadcasting Channel in Nairobi, Kenya. Then they moved to Family Media, a Christian TV channel in Kenya. These programs were aired for over a year. After this we decided to take a break to finish a book project.

The book “Soul on Fire” same name as the programs, is a total inspiration from the Holy Spirit of God. The book speaks of God’s goodness and Sharmi’s encounter with the Lord. The book entails, Sharmi’s life before and after she met the Lord and the challenges she has come through and how God’s hand could be seen through the struggles she went through. After writing the book, Sharmi is now in preparation for the broadcast which will be aired in Hindi and translated in English at the same time with God’s grace and faithfulness.